BEYOND Acrylic Organiser

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7 massive Drawers, 7 massive Stars!

This high quality acrylic* unit boasts a total of  7 massive drawers.

If you love to live in excess, this opulent makeup storage organiser is for you... and if ALL your makeup doesn't fit into this incredible piece, well then you officially own too much makeup! (it's ok, no one needs to know).

 Check out these overall dimensions.... 

Width 31 cm,  Depth 31 cm and Height 50cm. That is sooo much space in every tier/drawer!
It absolutely is the grandaddy of makeup organisers!

Also boasts gorgeous diamond handles and a base grip... it won't move.
Honestly... this organiser is everything! And that’s why we called it “Beyond”... it’s beyond description, beyond your imagination!

*The lush high quality acrylic it is made up of acts as a sturdy storage unit and the diamond handles add a luxury embellishment to your daily routine. It’s highly durable and crystal clear. 


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  •  7 Drawers
  • Thick 5mm High Quality Clear Acrylic Frame
  • 12 Months Warranty


  • 31 x 31 x 50 cm
  • 8 kg