Belle of the Ball - Glamour Makeup Mirror

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The most important beauty booster isn't actually your makeup—it's your mirror and light source.

Without the proper lighting when applying makeup, that "glow" can look like a fake-bake nightmare. The next best thing to natural day light is the all new Glamour Makeup Mirror, the Hollywood inspired mirror includes 14 LED bulbs that will provide true and natural light.

You will be able to perfect your daily beauty routine—leaving you looking flawless every day, and in every setting. It is truly a must-have addition for every woman.  

You wouldn’t paint a room with the lights off, so why would you make up your face with less than ideal lighting?


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  • 14 high quality 5W dimmable daylight LED light bulbs in a chrome finish - $140 Value
  • Blue lit touch LED light dimmer switch
  • Dual power & USB ports (max powerload: 2400W, 10A)
  • Salon grade mirror
  • Table Top & wall mount designs
  • Mains plug


  • Frame: 800 x 80 x 650 mm (L x W x H)
    Base  845 x 220 x 25 mm (L x W x H) 
  • Table Top: 24.5 kg
  • Wall Mounted: 22.5 kg
  • See dimension and weight diagram below


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