Wall Mounted Makeup Mirrors

The Alessandra - LED Makeup Mirror - Gloss White - Glamour Makeup Mirrors

The Alessandra - White

From $449.00

Glamster Studio LED Makeup Mirror - White - Glamour Makeup Mirrors

Glamster Studio - White

From $599.00

The Alessandra - LED Makeup Mirror - Satin Black - Glamour Makeup Mirrors

The Alessandra - Satin Black

From $449.00

Belle of the Ball - Studio - LED Makeup Mirror | Glamour Makeup Mirrors 1

Belle of the Ball - Studio

From $479.00

The Valentina - LED Makeup Mirror - Gloss White - Glamour Makeup Mirrors

The Valentina - White

From $449.00

Glamster Pro - White with Pink Dimmer

Glamster Pro - White with Pink Dimmer

From $749.00

The Valentina - LED Makeup Mirror - Satin Black - Glamour Makeup Mirrors

The Valentina - Satin Black

From $449.00

Glamster Pro - Black

Glamster Pro - Black

From $699.00

Glamster Studio - Black

Glamster Studio - Black

From $599.00

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Wall Mounted Makeup Mirrors for Sale in Australia

Are you looking to purchase a wall mounted makeup mirror in Australia? Glamour Makeup Mirrors provides both wall mounted and tabletop vanity mirrors with a range of different features that will suit every client.

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Our wall mounted lighted makeup mirror is the perfect addition to any makeup lover’s room that is a little more limited on space and cannot fit a tabletop version. And you’ll soon find that you’ll be able to apply your makeup so much easier.

Lighting Tips To Help Make Your Makeup Shine

If you have just purchased a wall mounted makeup mirror from Glamour Makeup Mirrors, then you will want to make sure that you are getting the best use out of it that you can, and a lot of this has to do with the lighting.

Always Opt For Daylight

Our mirrors are fantastic as they mimic daylight with their lighting. However, any professional makeup artist will tell you that natural lighting is the best for makeup application as it provides clear and diffused light where you can see with ease areas that your makeup is not blended as well as it should be. This is not always achievable when applying makeup from home or inside a studio, and this is why so many people try to stay near a window for natural daylight but will more often than not use their lighted mirror.

Use White Lights

With your new mounted mirror, you will always want to make sure that you are using lighting that mimics natural daylight as closely as possible. If you are using bulbs that are too bright, this can make your face look a lot lighter than it really is and you could easily end up putting on too much makeup.

Stand Straight In Front Of The Light

When using your new makeup mirror, it is important that you always make sure you are standing directly in front of the mirror and light. This will reduce any potential shadows which can result in you applying too much makeup. Overhead lighting is the least flattering, so if you have ever wondered why your makeup does not look its best in the office, this is usually the reason why.

Avoid Tinted Lights  

Last, but not least, we would advise you to stay clear of certain types of lighting when applying makeup. Anything tinted with yellow or rose is a bad idea, as well as any fluorescent lighting. These highlight imperfections and result in less than perfect makeup application.

Achieve Flawless Makeup With Glamour Makeup Mirrors

To achieve the ultimate flawless makeup look, you have to purchase an awesome mirror from Glamour Makeup Mirrors. We provide a range of different mirror styles, so no matter what type of makeup mirror you are specifically looking for, you will be able to find it on our website. If you need any help deciding what mirror to choose, please speak to our team today for more information. They are available to chat on email, speak on the phone, and there is also a live chat function for fast replies.

Glamour Makeup supply an amazing range of makeup mirrors. Amongst our range we have:

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