Vanity Lights For Sale in Australia

Are you looking for the perfect vanity lights in Australia? Then look no further than Glamour Makeup Mirrors. Our range of vanity lighting and mirrors is the easiest way to achieve flawless makeup that will be the envy of everyone that you know. Whether you like to completely transform yourself or simply add a little bit of makeup to enhance your natural beauty, LED lights can massively help. Don’t be caught out with a makeup disaster and enjoy all the amazing benefits of a Glamour Makeup Mirror.

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Purchase LED Vanity Lights From Glamour Makeup Mirrors

 Our makeup mirrors are so incredibly popular because as any professional makeup artist knows, lighting is a key aspect in achieving the perfect look. Whilst you may think that using the bathroom lighting is okay, this dim lighting is completely wrong and can make it harder to apply the right amount of contour or find the correct foundation shade.

While natural light is the best source of lighting, this can often be too hard to find, and so a backlit mirror is your next best option and, in fact, works just as well. These mirrors are a fantastic size to see your entire face straight on and provide the optimal illumination, plus energy savings! LED lights are the main light source that we use here at Glamour Makeup Mirrors, and this provides our customers with the best colour-rendering and is a great dupe for sunlight. This is why we are used by the likes of Yves Saint Laurent and Australia’s Next Top Model!

What To Consider Before Buying

When buying the perfect lighted mirror for you, it is important to take into account these considerations before you place your order.

        1. The first consideration to make is the light source. We recommend LED lights as the best option, and we would also advise that you avoid incandescent lights as these provide a yellowish tinge.
        1. Do you want lights that can be dimmed? This is something to consider as you may want to see how your makeup looks in a variety of lighting situations. For example, your makeup will look completely different in a bright office compared to a dimmed restaurant.
        1. Lastly, you will want consider the placement of your mirror. Are you happy for it to sit on your vanity? Or would you prefer for it to be mounted on your wall?

Find Out More About Our Product Range

Are you struggling to find the right LED vanity lights needed for your Hollywood style mirror? Glamour Makeup Mirrors are the experts in this field, and it was our company who first brought these mirrors to the Australian market. If you need help finding the right lights for your vanity, contact our team today who will be able to advise on the perfect lights for you and give you more information about the range of incredible products that we sell. Get in touch via email, phone, or through the on-site form and we will respond as quickly as we possibly can.

Glamour Makeup supply an amazing range of makeup mirrors. Amongst our range we have:

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