Ring Lights for Make Up Artist

Glow Pro Selfie Ring Light | Glamour Makeup Mirrors

Glow Pro Selfie Ring Light

From $45.00

18" Digital Ring Light Pro

18" Digital Ring Light Pro

From $459.00

Rechargeable battery and charger kit for Glamour Pro LED Ring Light | Ring Light | Glamour Makeup Mirrors

Lighting Rechargeable Battery Kit

From $59.00

Flexi Halo | Clip on LED Ring Light

Flexi Halo | Clip on LED Ring Light

From $50.00

Glam Light Box

Glam Light Box

From $369.00

14" Compact Ring Light

14" Compact Ring Light

From $229.00

18" Ring Light Plus

18" Ring Light Plus

From $359.00

Get The Best Ring Light For Makeup Artist Professionals At Glamour Makeup Mirrors

A ring light for makeup artist professionals is essential if you want to create the very best looks for your clients. Natural light is not always the most reliable, but with a ring light that has bright fluorescent bulbs attached, you can achieve the perfect makeup look each and every time whether this is for you or for a client. 

Still not sure about whether a ring light is a necessity for your makeup kit? Check out below our top reasons why you need to purchase one of our amazing ring lights online today. 

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Top Reasons to Purchase a Ring Light

No matter whether you need to upgrade your ring light or are just starting out as a professional makeup artist, having the right ring light is an absolute essential in any makeup kit. Here are just a few of the top reasons why you need lights for your makeup artist toolkit. 

  1. Did you know that with a ring light you are mimicking a high daylight colour? This is what makes them an essential for makeup artists as it makes the application of makeup on clients easier regardless of whether the sun is shining outside or it is grey and dreary. Get rid of any stresses you may have about relying on natural daylight to complete awesome makeup looks on clients and opt for one of our fantastic ring lights instead. 
  2. Are you going to be on set and taking photographs with models whose makeup you are responsible for? Then a ring light is needed. This will distribute light evenly across the models’ faces, and you can even alter the position of the ring light in order to highlight one particular area of the face if this is what you want. Many photoshoots will also change the colour of the bulbs in the ring lights if they want to create a cool and different effect on their photographs.
  3. Last, but not least, a top reason why you need to have a ring light if you are a professional makeup artist is that it can focus and highlight details that may be missed if you were using natural lighting. Many makeup artists also love them for photoshoots as they can place a camera within the ring light hole to give the perfect lighting and shot for a head-on photograph. 

Get Your New Ring Light Today

At Glamour Makeup Mirrors, we have a huge selection of ring lights that are perfect not just for professional makeup artists, but for makeup lovers too. This means you can choose the one that you think is going to be right for you or for your clients. If you have more questions about our ring lights, please get in touch with our team today. All of our contact information can be found over on the contact page, and we will respond to any queries as quickly as possible. 

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