Lighted Makeup Mirrors

Glow Pro Selfie Ring Light | Glamour Makeup Mirrors

Glow Pro Selfie Ring Light

From $45.00

Glamster Studio LED Makeup Mirror - White - Glamour Makeup Mirrors

Glamster Studio - White

From $599.00

18" Digital Ring Light Pro

18" Digital Ring Light Pro

From $459.00

Belle of the Ball - Studio - LED Makeup Mirror | Glamour Makeup Mirrors 1

Belle of the Ball - Studio

From $479.00

The Valentina - LED Makeup Mirror - Gloss White - Glamour Makeup Mirrors

The Valentina - White

From $449.00

Glamster Pro - White with Pink Dimmer

Glamster Pro - White with Pink Dimmer

From $749.00

Lucia LED Mirror | Black, White & Rose Gold

Lucia LED Mirror | Black, White & Rose Gold

From $249.00

The Valentina - LED Makeup Mirror - Satin Black - Glamour Makeup Mirrors

The Valentina - Satin Black

From $449.00

The Lux Duo Light

The Lux Duo Light

From $359.00

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Lighted Mirrors for Sale in Australia

Glamour Makeup Mirrors is your one-stop shop when looking to buy a lighted makeup mirror in Australia. Our products were the first of its kind on the Australian market, and all are designed by our in-house team with appearance, practical use and convenience for our customers in mind.

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Why You Will Love Our Lighted Mirror

We are closely associated with many of Australia’s premium brands such as Yves Saint Laurent and Miss World Australia and are proud to work alongside these amazing companies to assist them in creating amazing makeup looks. As you can imagine, our lighted mirrors are continuously flying off the shelves as they provide our customers with such great benefits.

The Top Benefits Of Using Our Lighted Mirror Products

Here are just a few of the top benefits you will experience when you purchase our mirrors with lights.

    1. Of course, the first major benefit of using our lighted mirror products is that you can enjoy the very best lighting and end makeup results. Each time you apply your makeup, you will find that your new mirror allows you to achieve better results each time as they illuminate your whole face and make it easier to see your makeup application.
    1. The second great benefit from using our mirrors with lights is that you can enjoy more space in your home. Many of our mirrors can be wall mounted and so you can free up space on your desk for more makeup products.
    1. Our clients love how versatile our mirrors are. Not only are they amazing for makeup application, they can also help you out in other aspects of your makeup routine, such as plucking, shaping and maintaining your eyebrows. The magnifying mirrors are especially great for this and will give you the best possible view.
    1. You will finally have a proper place to do your makeup! Having a dedicated space will give you the motivation to engage in more self-care, and you will also find that there are probably a lot fewer rows with family members as you no longer need to take up lots of bathroom time to access the mirror there.
    1. Lastly, when you use our mirror and lighting products, you will benefit from much better visibility, and this will help you to apply makeup more evenly and precisely. Having this overall visibility means you are more likely to apply your make up like a professional with every application, or if you are already a makeup artist, you will have happy customers each time.

Purchase Your LED Lighted Mirror From Glamour Makeup Mirrors Today

At Glamour Makeup Mirrors, we offer a wide variety of products for both home and professional use, and deliver our lighted makeup mirror range Australia wide. You can order our products online today for a simple, hassle-free service, or you can get in touch with our team if you cannot find the answer to your question already on our website. Email, call or use the online chat function, and we will be happy to answer any of your queries.

Glamour Makeup supply an amazing range of makeup mirrors. Amongst our range we have:

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