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Moonlight Mini Star

Moonlight Mini Star

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Moonlight Mini Trifold

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Poison Apple

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Magnifying Mirror With Lights for Sale in Australia

High quality 1X and 5X magnifying LED makeup mirrors

At Glamour Makeup Mirrors, one of our most popular products that we offer is a magnifying mirror with light. If you love the process of applying your makeup and want to improve your skills even further, then a magnifying makeup mirror is a fantastic investment.

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Our amazing mirrors provide the perfect view for both home and studio use and help you and your clients enjoy the full glamour experience. Find out more below about why you need a lighted magnifying makeup mirror.

Why You Need Our Magnifying Mirror

Do not be fooled into thinking that when it comes to applying your makeup that all mirrors are the same and will do the same job! This is not true, and a professional light up magnifying mirror can make a huge improvement to your makeup application.

  • The first benefit of a mirror that magnifies is that you can adjust its height. This will give you the best possible view of your face, and another plus is that you are not going to be putting your back out from having bend over all the time.
  • When you have a mirror that magnifies, you are easily able to zoom in on a particular spot and check out any hard to see areas. This will let you see where you maybe need to blend out a little more or add some more makeup.
  • When you purchase our magnifying mirrors, they come with amazing lighting that means you can see your face easier and the makeup you are applying. This allows you to avoid those makeup disasters that tend to happen in poor bathroom or bedroom lighting.
  • What our customers love about our mirrors is how versatile they are and how they can be adjusted to different situations. You can adjust the features with these mirrors to better suit your needs, and this allows you to illuminate any problem areas or areas of your face where you may find it difficult to apply makeup successfully.
  • Finally, while you may be thinking that these mirrors cost a huge amount of money, the great thing about Glamour Makeup Mirrors is how cost effective they are. We offer a huge range of mirrors, and each comes with an array of different features so you can choose the one that is right for you and within your budget. This is an item that you will definitely be getting your money’s worth from as you will be using it every day.

It is these fantastic benefits of a makeup mirror with magnifying features that will help you to achieve flawless makeup!

Get Your New LED Magnifying Mirror Today

Glamour Makeup Mirrors is the only place in Australia that you will want to shop at for your small magnifying makeup mirror purchase. It is our range of products, their versatility and the customer support that we offer which makes our brand the very best in the industry. Contact our team today if you need more information about any of the products that we sell.

Glamour Makeup supply an amazing range of makeup mirrors. Amongst our range we have:

Get in touch with us today or browse our range online.
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