Illuminated Makeup Mirrors

Glamster Studio LED Makeup Mirror - White - Glamour Makeup Mirrors

Glamster Studio - White

From $599.00

Belle of the Ball - Studio - LED Makeup Mirror | Glamour Makeup Mirrors 1

Belle of the Ball - Studio

From $479.00

Glamster Pro - White with Pink Dimmer

Glamster Pro - White with Pink Dimmer

From $749.00

Lucia LED Mirror | Black, White & Rose Gold

Lucia LED Mirror | Black, White & Rose Gold

From $249.00

Glamster Pro - Black

Glamster Pro - Black

From $699.00

Glamster Studio - Black

Glamster Studio - Black

From $599.00

Belle of the Ball - LED Makeup Mirror | Glamour Makeup Mirrors

Belle of the Ball with Pink Dimmer

From $499.00

The Runway with Pink Dimmer

The Runway with Pink Dimmer

From $829.00

Illuminated Makeup Mirrors for Sale in Australia

If you are looking to purchase the very best illuminated makeup mirror on the market, you are in the right place. Here at Glamour Makeup Mirrors, our goal is to provide stunning mirrors that give you the perfect lighting to create amazing makeup looks on yourself or on clients.

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Get An Illuminated Makeup Mirror From Glamour Makeup Mirrors

Our makeup mirrors are perfect not just for creating ultra-glam looks, but also for creating natural makeup for day to day life. You will never have another bad makeup application day when you use our mirrors! 

Why Illuminated Makeup Mirrors Are Fantastic 

Never had an illuminated makeup mirror before and are not sure what to expect? These mirrors are extremely popular not just in Australia, but around the world and every professional makeup artist loves the lighting that these mirrors create as it makes it so much easier to create beautiful looks. Having dim lighting when applying makeup can make simple things such as matching foundation or applying light contour difficult and cause makeup disasters! The change you will see going from your usual bathroom lighting to our illuminated products is staggering, and we can guarantee you will never want to go back! 

Natural lighting is usually the preferred lighting source, however, getting into a position and the exact right time of day to get this type of light is simply not practical for the majority of people. Our illuminated mirrors are a great alternative and provide you with the light that you need. 

Buying A Light Up Mirror 

Before you jump in and buy a mirror that lights up, there are a few things that you need to think about. 

  1. What type of light do you want in your mirror? - Have you thought about the type of lighting that you want from your mirror? From our years of experience in this industry, we would advise you to opt for LED lights as these provide optimal lighting; therefore, we would advise you to stay away from lights that will create coloured tinges such as incandescent lights. 
  2. Dimmed Lights - Many people want to see what their makeup will look like in different lighting situations, and so in these cases, you should opt for an illuminated mirror that gives you the option to do this. 
  3. Where Do You Want To Place Your Mirror? - We offer stunning mirrors that can be placed on vanity tables, or you can opt for a mirror that can be wall-mounted. 

Learn More About The Glamour Makeup Mirrors Range 

Do you want to know more about the Glamour Makeup Mirrors range? Our team are experts in providing the very best makeup mirrors in Australia that ensure you achieve the perfect makeup look every time and will look gorgeous displayed on your vanity. If you are unsure of what mirror will be best for you, we are more than happy to advise and guide you. Please get in touch by phone, email or fill out our on-site enquiry form and we will be in touch as soon as possible. 

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